Certified Case Manager (CCM) Exam

Posted by Rinto on Friday, March 12, 2010

Certified Case Manager - Nursing Certification. The Certified Case Manager credentials shows a specialized point of developing in the area of patient case management. The Certified Case Manager works together with patients and the health care team to hasten and control effective handle of the patient. The Certified Case Manager can work in hospitals, federal and state institutions, and short and long-term care facilities.

To participate the Certified Case Manager Exam, the applier must own a post-secondary degree in a discipline that handle the patoent's welfare, like nursing. IBeside that, the applier must already have work experience for at least 1 year in case management with a Certified Case Manager supervision, worked at least 2 years in case management without a Certified Case Manager supervision, or or work at least 1 year in the part of providing oversight of the people who accommodate case management services. A particular job description must be finished outlining the applier commitment to check out employment criteria are met.

The exam composed of 300 multiple-choice queries. The examination concentrates on testing qualified applier knowledge in the fields of case management as related to specific patient care issues and concepts. Professional and moral issues are also rounded up on the exam.

The Certified Case Manager Exam is conducted two times a year, generally on the last Saturdays in April and October, on specific test over the United States. The charge to engage the exam is $290 which includes $130 for non-refundable processing cost.

CCM certification is valid for 5 years. At the ending of that period of time, the licensed professional must have completed at least 80 hours of approved continuing education or repeate the CCM exam. The charge for recertification is $150 is the continuing education hour requirements are met and $310 if recertification is achieved by retaking the CCM exam.

For further detail information regarding to the CCM exam, visit www.ccmcertification.org or www.nursecredentialing.org/cert/eligibility/CaseMgmt.html.